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Isabel Lucas: Sexy Pics For Her 29th Birthday

Isabel Lucas is turning 29 years old today, and we know that she’s probably pretty happy to be a successful model with an acting career and plenty of transfixed fans. We still came embarrassingly close to pondering, “Whatever happened to Isabel Lucas?” That’s not being dismissive. We’re pretty sure that we’d embarrass ourselves just for the chance to escort her across a busy intersection like some Boy Scout who ignores old women in favor of hot Australian models. (Like, um, Nicole Trunfio and others.) We’re just saying that Isabel Lucas may be too quiet for her own good.
The stunning blonde got her start when Isabel went from the runways to a regular role on the Aussie soap opera Home and Away. (We’re assuming it’s a soap opera, with Isabel appearing in over 250 episodes over a four-year period.) Isabel used that experience to make a very splash film debut in 2009’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Nobody would call that a prestigious production, but a lot of people sure saw Isabel on the big screen.
Unfortunately, Isabel didn’t have a strong follow-up. Daybreakers kind of sank as an ambitious vampire film, and she followed that up with some modest Aussie indies. She returned to American multiplexes as a goddess in the 2011 epic Immortals, which bombed just as badly as the next year’s Red Dawn remake. Now the hottest thing that Isabel has going is the upcoming erotic thriller Careful What You Wish For, which hasn’t really built up a lot of buzz as the theatrical acting debut of Nick Jonas.
That one might end up premiering at your local Redbox. We were still inspired to check out Isabel’s hot bod in the film–and we were just as inspired to add to our collection of Isabel pics with the gallery below. Check it out and see why Isabel probably won’t have any problem if she ever needs to fall back into that glamorous modeling career…

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