Staten Island Congressman Threatens NY1 Reporter On-Air [VIDEO]


The highlight of the entire State of the Union address last night actually came after the POTUS speech, when Rep. Michael Grimm threatened he would “throw [NY1 reporter Michael Scotto] off this f*cking balcony” and that he would “break him in half… like a boy.” Is it just us or does this sound a little like the beginning of “Method Man” by the Wu Tang Clan. Rappers are finally taking over politics.

Personally, I blame Obama because it was him who promised that 2014 would be a “year of action.” It sounds like Rep. Michael Grimm is taking him to task.

The issue at hand is that the reporter asked Rep. Michael Grimm about possible campaign finances violations. Grimm thought he would just be commenting on the State of the Union and claims he was blindsided.

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