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We’re feeling pretty good about Seth MacFarlane’s upcoming A Million Ways To Die In The West. It was already one of our Most Anticipated Movies of 2014, but this new trailer has a lot more reasons for us to get excited. For example, there’s Sarah Silverman in a corset. That’s pretty good. We know that we’ve seen Sarah Silverman walking around naked and stuff, but Sarah in a corset is very appealing. Also, it looks like Charlize Theron hasn’t mussed herself up too much for a dirty role.
And we really like the idea of a cowardly Seth MacFarlan (with sidekick Giovanni Ribisi) in what’s essentially a remake of the old Don Knotts comedy The Shakiest Gun in the West–except this time, we get some really graphic depictions of all the horrible things that can happen to our heroes. That’s why this is a red band trailer. And there’s also some bad language.
But don’t just go thinking that the lack of any nudity can make it okay to watch at work, because in addition to some shocking (or shockingly fun) violence, there’s also bad language that’s appearing as subtitles on the screen. So you’ve been warned. Here at the bottom, with the video above, so sorry if you just got fired. But at least you got to see a pretty cool trailer, right? We don’t know if it’s a Super Bowl spot, so…oh, they’re making you leave now? Okay.

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