Audi Doberhuahua Commercial Just Won The Super Bowl [VIDEO]


We’re not sure who’s watching the Super Bowl without seeing ads on the internet first–but some people are going to spend Monday talking about this year’s Audi commercial. The car brand is making some kind of big point about hybrids by introducing America to the Doberhuahua. Yeah, that’s a dog made up of part Doberman and part Chihuahua.

We’re a little nervous that people are going to actually  try breeding these things after this Super Bowl ad gets seen. It’s easily the cutest lil’ guy we’ve seen in a long time. We also like the idea of the American Kennel Club recognizing the Doberhuahua as a new breed. We’ve been sending them letters for years trying to get them to accept the German Shepard Pit Bull as worthy of recognition, but they just keep sending us letters saying that the only recognition they’ll ever give to our dog is a kick in the ass and a shout of, “Get out of our way, you filthy mutt!”

Yeah, we don’t know what’s wrong with the American Kennel Club.

Hey, you know what’s less cute than a Doberhuahua? The idea that Audi’s dropping several million to get an ad on the Super Bowl, and the company still can’t refer to the Super Bowl by name while promoting the commercial. Seriously, take a look. Audi has to describe it as an ad for the “Big Game.” We’re sick of hearing about the Big Game–and if we keep using it, the NFL will probably eventually be able to claim a copyright on that as a signifier of the Super Bowl, too. This year, we’re just going to start calling it The Freezing Bowl of Death.

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