Buffalo Sabers Goalie Ryan Miller Unveils His Bad Ass Team USA Helmet

The Winter Olympics were designed to be a celebration of athletic camaraderie, an event where the world’s most talented and dedicated athletes get a chance to show off their skills and share in the warmth of good sportsmanship. Of course, that’s what the losers say to themselves when they don’t win a medal after facing off against the good ol’ U.S. of A!
America’s teams and athletes are gearing up for the games in their own special way but the Buffalo Sabres’ Ryan Miller, one of the goalies for the U.S. hockey team, should win a medal for his pre-game prep. He has come up with a special helmet that could make the most meek sports fan into a raging torrent of patriotic chants. He hired a designer to paint a special goalie helmet for his time on the ice and posted the results on his Twitter account and to call it “epic” would actually be an understatement. It’s a glorious explosion of American greatness designed to strike fear in the heart of any country that dares to face it. One side features good ol’ Uncle Sam rolling up his sleeves as he prepares to entry the fray and the other features a fearsome bald eagle hungry for victory.
It may just be a helmet but Miller’s helmet has really got us amped to see the U.S. hockey team take the ice in Sochi. Now if only the U.S. biathlon and figure skating teams would do the same thing so we could get excited for the rest of the lesser events as well.

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