Stuff The Intern Forgot: Watching Dad Win A Super Bowl & More [Links]

What It’s Like To Watch Your Dad Win A Super Bowl

Our good friends over at Fox Sports have a great article where Chris Simms looks back at watching his dad Phil win a Super Bowl as QB for the New York Giants back in 1986. It’s a fun piece that’s also kind of touching–and not just because our kids will only grow up with fond memories of the time that the COED staff beat five servings of Gutbusting Velveeta Nachos Grande on a Super Bowl Sunday. Actually, we’ve never quite managed to beat that fifth dish before, but we’ve been training extra hard this year. We’re feeling pretty good about it. Anyway, you should really check out that story.
And did other interesting things happen today? You bet–so let’s catch up on other things that our intern was supposed to cover, but he decided to spend the afternoon acting like a big Denver fan. We don’t mean the football team

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LOOK WHAT HAPPENED: Justin Bieber May Love Sizzurp + more… [LINKS]
LOOK WHAT HAPPENED: Justin Bieber May Love Sizzurp + more… [LINKS]
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