Super Bowl Hookers Get Busted—-And More Morning Links…

You went to sleep while the prostitutes were still awake–and now you’re waking up to the news about the Super Bowl of Working Girls. Which is called the Super Bowl, and it’s being held in New Jersey, and a lot of prostitutes are in town with party favors. And then some of them got busted, and you were asleep and missed out on it all. This is why you need to stay awake, people.
You also don’t know about what’s going on with Facebook’s Paper app, or even what kind of hot gal is currently hanging on the arm of Justin Bieber. Also, people can still lie to you without you knowing that you’re being played for a sucker. Furthermore, you might want to put off buying any Eli Manning sports memorabilia for a while. Learn about all that while catching up on what happened while the world revolved around you while you were sleeping… 
Prostitutes With Party Packages Popped [TMZ]
The breakdown on Facebook’s Paper App [HEAVY]
Eli Manning and more in a sports memorabilia lawsuit [FOX SPORTS]
Hot gal likes bad boy Justin Bieber, damnit [HUFFINGTON POST]
Learn to recognize liars like Christopher Walken in True Romance [METRO UK]

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