Watch the New Super Bowl Spot for Russell Crowe's "Noah" [VIDEO]

NOAH Super Bowl Trailer

The Super Bowl is one of those events that literally has something for everybody. It’s got world class football for people who love football and it has great commercials for people who don’t. The ads aren’t just annoying little splices of carefully targeted marketing. They are epic stories of comedy, tragedy and even horror if you’ve seen the ad that Mickey Rooney did for Airbourne…in a sauna.
A good number of the ads are for upcoming movies that the public really wants to see and this Sunday’s Super Bowl is no exception. This weekend, you’ll get to take a good, long look at Russell Crowe’s newest epic adventure movie Noah but apparently, Paramount Pictures couldn’t wait to show it to you. They put the entire ad on their YouTube page.
The movie stars Crowe in the title role as the famed Biblical character who learns that God plans to flood the world as part of his almighty plan to pull off history’s greatest “do-over”. The ad features Crowe and his co-stars including Harry Potter’s Emma Watson and Anthony Hopkins preparing the mighty ark as the rest of humanity who don’t want to die by gearing up for an all-out battle to take control of the ark.
It actually looks pretty good and if it makes the kind of money that Hollywood hopes it does, this means we could see even more movies fashioned from classic Bible stories like Adam & Eve: Snake Hunters, David vs. Goliath vs. Alien vs. Predator and The Passion of the Christ II: Electric Bugaloo.

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