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Maika Monroe Makes For A Sexy "Labor Day" [50 PHOTOS]

It looks like Labor Day is going to have a tough time at the box-office this weekend. Respected director Jason Rietman is getting the first bad reviews of his career after plenty of acclaim for Juno and Up In The Air. The film is a baffling drama about a mother and son who are taken captive by a friendly fugitive who really likes to cook pies. Josh Brolin probably won’t ever shoot a scene in a kitchen again. Kate Winslet is pretty fetching as the hostage mom who gets turned on by her nice-guy captor, though.
That’s a big middle-aged sexual awakening story that’s aimed to bring in ladies during the Super Bowl. We still prefer the kid’s sexual awakening, though. That’s mainly because we can relate to him going gaga over Maika Monroe. The built blonde easily steals the film as the object of the kid’s desire.
As usual, we discovered Maika Monroe via a cheap horror film. We recommend both 2006’s Bad Blood and the sequel from 2012–although we got a little confused with Maika playing a character named “Maika.” What are the odds? We also couldn’t miss Maika when she showed up on the Syfy channel last year in Flying Monkeys. (That one was released to cash in on Oz: The Great and Powerful.)
Sadly, Maika only had a small role in The Bling Ring, but it was nice to see her on the big screen. We figured that we’d catch her next on Syfy again–but the joke’s on us, because Maika has made a big jump with a major role. We really wish Labor Day was set to be another Juno, but that doesn’t seem likely. It does seem likely that people will keep noticing Maika, though.
For one thing, there aren’t that many gorgeous professional kiteboarders who can also do some serious acting. Maika is already set to become an action star for the right producer. She doesn’t have another big project lined up, but Maika’s working steadily–and these pics prove that she’s got the kind of big personality that deserves to take over the big screen…

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