The Super Bowl Edition Of #FriskyFriday [PHOTOS]

We love #friskyfriday and we love football–so you don’t have to be the smartest cookie in the world to understand why we’ve been looking forward to this week’s social media selfie extravaganza. And while we knew that there would be some really sexy shots to compile for you guys, what we weren’t prepared for was the complete and total domination that the 12th Man is having. There are almost ZERO sexy shots of Broncos fans (cheerleaders are well represented).

What we can’t figure out is whether that’s because Broncos fans are just prudes or if it’s just because Seahawks fans are wild. Take a look below and see for yourself.

And if you’re a sexy Broncos fan trying to show some love for your team, hit us up at @MissCOED.


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