Tim Tebow Vs. Bigfoot In T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad [VIDEO]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyK2UG334C8]
Tim Tebow doesn’t have a contract to play in the NFL. T-Mobile doesn’t require a contract to use their service. That adds up to this┬áSuper Bowl ad where Tim Tebow teams up with T-Mobile to demonstrate all of the great things that you can do once you’re freed up from your contract.
Yeah, it’s pretty fun. We’re thinking that the world is going to start liking Tim Tebow a lot more. There have been plenty of ex-players who’ve done worse jobs as sports commentators, too. Tebow sure does a ┬álot of impressive work here. It’s not real, but there are a few folks who still think Tebow can do a lot.

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