World's Dumbest Defendant Curses at Judge, Gets More Jail time [VIDEO]

We hope that none of you ever have to experience the pure hell that is even the possibility that you might go to prison. If you do, however, be sure not to piss off the guy who decides how long you get to stay in the world’s worst hotel accommodations. [Image via]
A new video recently surfaced of a woman in Ohio who learned that lesson the hard way. Ebony Burks made an appearance in court for an arraignment on misdemeanor charges of assault and domestic violence, two charges that at most would have cost her $1,000 in fines and six months in jail. The judge started explaining the terms of her bond that included a court order forbidding her from contacting either of the people she assaulted including her grandfather who she lives with in his home. When she realized that she wouldn’t be able to go back home, she started to lose her temper. The screaming match that ensued between Burks and the judge netted her an extra 300 days in prison for contempt of court.
The case for this video stems from an incident that happened back in August of 2013. According to The Chronicle-Telegram, Burks set a new record for a contempt of court sentence. The truly crazy part, however, isn’t on the video. The judge actually gave her a chance to have her additional sentence erased and all she had to do to get it was to apologize for her series of outbursts. She declined the offer, this time by keeping her mouth shut.

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