Enjoy National Snack Food Month WIth Kids Hating Gourmet Foods [VIDEO]

Today is officially the first day of National Snack Food Month! How appropriate that it should start on the day before the Super Bowl. We don’t have the numbers in front of us, but we’re guessing that there may be more calories consumed in America tomorrow than there were on Thanksgiving. Getting drunk and eating wings with friends is probably more popular than getting drunk and eating turkey with family.
Super Bowl Sunday makes you think that man really was made to consume highly processed snack foods. If we weren’t, then why do pizza nachos taste so good? OK, we obviously weren’t designed to eat that stuff, but we also weren’t designed to eat a bunch of “gourmet” dishes either. Check out these kids instinctual reaction to eating caviar, squid ink pasta and pure gold. We’ll take pizza bagels over those any day.

via Buzzfeed Video

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