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Erin Johnson New Girl Super Bowl

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Erin Johnson on New Girl

(10:30 PM EST, FOX)

Yes,  it’s Super Bowl Sunday–but your humble See Her Tonight column wishes to remind you that the Super Bowl is also often just a chance to showcase a television series. You can also learn about that in our 20 Things You Didn’t Know About the Super Bowl Halftime Show. For tonight, though, the FOX network wants football fans to hang around for a very special episode of New Girl.
We already think that New Girl star Zoey Deschanel is very special–but tonight’s episode also has an appearance by the legendary Prince. We’d like to tell you more about that, but our inside contact is the lovely Erin Johnson, and she’s too much of a pro to reveal secret details. At least Erin cared to share with us that she’s popping up in tonight’s episode. We’re pretty sure that we would’ve noticed her anyway, though. Erin Johnson is a hard gal to miss. But we follow her on Twitter to be sure we don’t miss a moment.
The striking gal got her start modeling in Minnesota. Erin then moved to the warmer climes of Los Angeles, where she quickly fit in as a darker breed of California gal. The physically-fit femme exudes plenty of energy, and it didn’t take long before a smart designer picked up on Erin’s star power–and landed her on the cover of Tomb Raider as an Official Lara Croft. Erin also looks fantastic on the sci-fi styled album cover for metalcore band Asking Alexandria’s From Death to Destiny.
We’ll be surprised if Erin isn’t brought out to rock to Prince on tonight’s New Girl–but we know we won’t miss her wherever she is in the show. Now get to work on not missing out on Erin right now…
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