Clay Matthews Likes To "Mix It Up" On The Call of Duty Field [INTERVIEW]

Last week, NFL players Clay Matthews and Jamaal Charles got together for the Call of Duty Grudge Match–a high-intensity game to celebrate the release of the new “Onslaught” DLC (available now on Xbox Live). While the match was out in California while we were freezing our tails off here in NYC, we did get a chance to hop on the horn with both of them.

We were happy to learn that Clay takes his COD (almost) as serious as he takes Gameday, and you’ll be happy to know that you might have actually played against Clay in previous games.

So check out our interview with the guy who gives QBs nightmares. We’ll have the Jamaal Charles interview for you later in the week.

For the record, Clay won the few matches they played as warm ups when we spoke to him. Jamaal actually ended up winning the real grudge match 3 games to 2.

COED: I know that you are one of a few children in your family. Do all your brothers play COD?
Clay Matthews: My one brother is married with children, so he said that he’s not allowed to play video games. Since I don’t have any kids, I have unlimited time. Me and my other brother though continue to carry on the legacy of grooming COD players.
COED: So do you ever play online?
I skip the single player campaign mode and go straight to matchmaking.
COED: Does anyone know that they’re playing against you?
No it’s a surprise. There’s nothing in my gamer tag or my number that would indicate who I am. It’s actually pretty funny. I took a picture one time of when I was playing matchmaking of someone whose gamer tag was “Clay Matthews,” so they’re deceiving people while I am remaining anonymous. So hopefully they’re giving me a good name.
COED: Do you talk smack when you’re playing?
I usually just go into private chat. I usually get into a group chat between me and my friends and talk smack between one another if we’re not on the same team.
COED: That way your talk has a better impact.
COED: Who would you say is the second best player in the Packers locker room?
I would actually say that I’m the best but even I’ve come to the realization that I’m probably second best. We got a linebacker Jamari Lattimore who is pretty good. You can catch him online playing all the games from COD, to FIFA, to Battlefield, and he’s really good at all of them. So I always shoot him a text before I get on that he needs to get on my team.
COED: What kind of play style would you say you have in COD.
I definitely like to get after it, mix it up a bit with the honey badger on the smaller levels. But when we get out on some of the bigger maps, I’ll switch it up to marksman or a sniper rifle and take some shots at unsuspecting opponents. It really just depends. But I like to mix it up. I don’t like to wait for the action to come to me.
COED: Is there anyone in the draft that you see that you’d like to play with? Maybe an outside linebacker or even a defensive end who could make the switch?
I think our defense in general would benefit from more playmakers out there. Anyone who could bring that to our defense, no matter what position, would be fantastic. Obviously on offense we’ve got all the playmakers over there but on defense if we could get a few more playmakers and compete with our offense as far as making just as many big plays as they do. I think we’ll have a very real threat or possibility of winning more Super Bowls.

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