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Isla Fisher: Sexy Pics For Her 38th Birthday

Isla Fisher is 38 years old today–that being February 3, 2014–and we’re just as surprised as you are. The ravishing redhead who was born in Scotland took a while to make it big in America. She first had to get here via an acting career in Australia, and it took a while for Isla to really break out as a gorgeous gal with dramatic talents and a real knack for comedy. Her biggest role had been in the first big-screen adaptation of Scooby-Doo back in 2002 before breaking through as Rachel McAdams sister in 2005’s Wedding Crashers. (She certainly caught our eye, but we’ve always had a thing for hot redheads…um, like Bridget Regan and Stephanie Bertoni.
Unfortunately, Isla’s really big break after Wedding Crashers came with some really bad timing. She was really sexy in Andy Samberg’s first bid for film stardom in 2007’s Hot Rod, but the film was a big summer bomb. That same year also had her in the acclaimed crime drama The Lookout–which still managed to fizzle at the box office. Isla then landed the lead role in 2009’s Confessions of a Shopaholic. She was easily playing younger than her age, but the nation was in the midst of a fiscal crisis, and the critics couldn’t resist savaging the light comedy about a fashion-obsessed gal who couldn’t resist buying really expensive things.
Isla looked great, though–even if she’d already become a MILF courtesy of Sacha Baron Cohen, who’d finally wise up and actually get married to Isla in 2010. Our favorite redhead slowed down her career for a while. In fact, the best role she had over a long period was in the animated cartoon Rango. Last year was pretty amazing, though. Isla stole plenty of scenes in the magician crime caper Now You See Me while also doing great work in the Netflix season of Arrested Development, and was treated like a real movie star for the marketing of Leonard DiCaprio’s The Great Gatsby.
Isla gave a great performance in that one, too. Plus, she was in 3D. We’re not sure what Isla has planned next, but our eyeballs are ready to keep poppin’ for this amazing gal–and your inseam eyes can start poppin’ now…

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