Jamie Casino Super Bowl Ad: Flaming Sledge Hammer of Justice [VIDEO]

Jamie Casino did a local ad buy during the Super Bowl–and that’s enough to inspire plenty of respect for the personal-injury attorney. But a man like Jamie Casino doesn’t care about respect. He cares about the law. He cares about justice. He cares about making sure that everyone understands that Jamie Casino has a story that’s worthy of any ’80s action movie. In fact, Jamie Casino is Out For Justice and Hard To Kill in pursuit of those who think they’re Above The Law and don’t understand that they’re Under Siege.
A lot of people are goofing on Jamie Casino’s overblown Super Bowl commercial, and for good reason. You won’t find a more self-celebratory attitude from a guy who (if we’re to believe this movie trailer/pitch that poses as an ad) was once a brilliant defense attorney keeping villains out of jail until his brother was murdered one night by the same kind of scum that Jamie used to take on as clients. Yeah. We’re not too sure how we’d feel about this ad if we were one of Jamie Casino’s former clients.
Anyway, the important thing is that Jamie Casino had a spiritual reawakening, and now he only goes after bad guys in personal injury cases. Actually, it seems that Jamie might actually still take some criminal defense cases, too, but it seems that his office makes it clear that Jamie Casino does not defend villains. Which is nice.
We should note that Jamie Casino really did have a brother who died violently. That part isn’t funny. It’s kind of touching that Jamie features his brother’s picture in this epic commercial. Jamie’s doing it all for his brother, you know. You’ll notice there’s no love interest in this manly saga. We guarantee you that COED’s attorneys at Que Sera & Sera would’ve made sure they had a few strippers on their arms if they were shooting an ad for the Super Bowl. But that’s besides the point that gets literally sledge hammered in this awesome commercial that you need to see right now…
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr2gdPY-88w]

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