Spider-Man 2's Secret Site Launched During The Super Bowl [VIDEO]

Spider-Man 2 Enemies Unite website

See that image above? You’re looking at Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborne in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as he monitors a few things from his Osborn Corporation headquarters. We watched him monitor those things for a while–at least since we first reported on the ElectroArrives.com site back on December 12th. Every once in a while, the studio would add some more footge for Harry to monitor, though. Originally, that static image only had the video that Harry’s watching of Max Dillon (as played by Jamie Foxx) falling into a water tank during the experiment that will turn the dorky Dillon into the villainous Electro.
Yes, that was when the URL was called by its original name–but then it became EnemiesUnite.com about a month ago. You could choose for Harry to monitor some generic footage of a swinging Spidey , plus video of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy relaxing together. It looks like they’re throwing rocks into a river, or something romantic like that. Maybe that means Harry Osborne is the jealous type. You can also move your monitor around to the other bank of switches to see that special New Year’s Eve Spider-Man 2 trailer.
Anyway, all of this was taking place amongst a countdown. We’re not sure why it took us so long to figure out that the countdown was going to culminate with the Super Bowl. Probably because math is hard. The payoff, however, is an extra-long reel that showcases plenty of upcoming Spider-Man 2 action. You mostly get added footage that shows Electro’s big criminal motivation is that Spider-Man hurt his feelings by not remembering his name from them having met earlier. You don’t get any additional Rhino footage. Given what the Rhino seems to have become, that’s not so bad. And be sure to watch for the guest appearances by Dr. Octopus’ arms and the Vulture’s wings. That’s been in a trailer before, but it’s still cool. Judge the rest of the coolness for yourself right here…
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW5u_y27LmQ]

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