The 11 Hottest Female Athletes Of The 2014 Russian Olympic Team [PHOTOS]

We’re officially calling Russia the gold medalist of the “Hottest Female Athletes of the Winter 2014 Olympics” category, so Russian fans will now have another reason to come support their home team at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Not only do they have some real winners like Anna Prugova and Alena Zavarzina, Anna Sidorova (first seen on our Hot Women of Curling post) recently made headlines when sexy photos of her appeared on
Which brings me to our reasoning for why we’re naming the Russians the early winners for hottest team: they’re attacking the list from all angles. Quality and quantity. I mean, obviously we’d like the United States of America to win the overall medal count but if we’re being honest with ourselves, we really have to give the host nation a round of applause. USA second. Canada third.
And the best part about these Russian photos is that all female athletes included in this list have taken some sort of actually sexy photos–you’ll find no candids from the events here.

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