Von Miller Rejected From Club, Did Not Have A Good Weekend [VIDEO]


It must have been a tough weekend for Von Miller. Not only did he look absolutely exhausted when we interviewed him at the Bud Light Hotel on Thursday night, he sat on the sideline as his team got molly whopped by the Seattle Seahawks, and then was rejected from Marqee–the same club that the Seattle Seahawks were celebrating at.

Let me begin by saying that here at COED we really like Von. When we sat down with him one-on-one he was a very cool dude. But since his injury caused him to be inactive, we’re guessing that he had to talk to a lot of media this week. That’s no fun when all you want to do is play in the biggest game of year.

So when he was forced to watch his Denver Broncos get smacked by the Seahawks and the 12th Man, he probably wanted to go blow off some steam. And why not go to Marquee, the hottest club in NYC? Umm maybe because that’s where the Seahawks were partying. Not a good look.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, he actually was rejected at the door. The toughest part is watching him limp away in the NYC night.

Here’s our interview with him from earlier in the year. As you’ll see, the guy is totally likeable. We wish him the best in the future.


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