Emily Ratajkowski Confirmed As Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Rookie [PHOTOS]

Swim Daily, the official blog devoted to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue just confirmed that Emily Ratajkowski will be a Rookie in the 2014 issue that releases on February 18th. This is absolutely the part of the story where I yell and scream that we were the first blog to tell you that this was going to happen. From the moment that we saw Emily’s butt in the MJ Day #buttcam, we knew our dreams had been granted. I mean, do we know butts or do we know butts? [lead image copyright: Sports Illustrated | photographer credit:¬†Walter Iooss Jr]

But wait, there’s more.

Emily’s Swim Daily reveal is just the first of twelve rookies who will be revealed at 2 PM each day. Yes that’s a record number of rookies who will be appearing in this year’s issue but that also means that you now have a reason to head to Swim Daily at 2 PM every day. Who do you guys think is going to be next? Samantha Hoopes?

We’ll leave the guessing to you. For now, we’re just going to celebrate by staring at Emily.

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