"Apprentice Swordsmith" May the Coolest Job Opportunity in the World

A famous sword maker in Scotland needs someone to help him around the shop and learn the art and trade of swordsmithery. So if you’ve been looking for a career that involves making large, sharp objects that can slice clean through a man and doesn’t involve working for a South American guerrilla army, you’re in luck. [Image via Albion Europe ApS/Flickr]
Macdonald Armouries of Edinburgh, Scotland put out the call for two apprentices earlier this week. Owner Paul Macdonald is looking for two strong lads who have “a passion for history” and “a design and craft background.” He described the job as a mix between a weapons historian and a metal crafter and designer. The job requires a great deal of historical research and knowledge in order to accurately craft the weapons in historic detail for clients such as museums, theaters and private collectors.
Of course, just having those skills and interests alone won’t be enough for the job. Macdonald also noted that such work requires a great deal of patience and effort because “a sword can take anything from a few days to a few months to craft.”
Even if you don’t get the job, you should still try for it if you can because “apprentice sword maker” must be the coolest thing anyone could ever put on a resume. Sure, being able to fashion a broadsword out of office supplies may not be a necessary skill since armadas don’t storm of places of business these days but it will definitely pique their attention better than “extensive training with Microsoft Word and Excel 2008.”

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