Japanese Flying Bed Gag: Like Jackass with $100 Million Budget [VIDEO]

Meanwhile, in Japan–popular comedian Toshiaki Kasuga got drunk with a television crew at the foot of Mt. Fuji and passed out in his comfy bed, and then awoke to fireworks being set off before two cranes attached to the bed (with Kasuga still in it) launched his resting place about 150 feet into the air. Did we mention that Kasuga’s comfy bed was in a small cabin? That roof wasn’t 150 feet high. Nope, the addled Kasuga had to also be launched through the actual roof of the cabin.
This video kind of puts American gag shows to shame. The fine folks behind the Japanese television show Dokkiri Award sure have a big budget, and they know what to do with it. We also like how the Japanese language conveniently makes it so that dokkiri refers to both a camera and the sound of a frantic heartbeat after a big shock.
And we’re really, really impressed with how Kasuga stays alive throughout the stunt. If that stunt had been played on a COED editor–well, we’re pretty sure that the big laffs in this video would’ve quickly quieted as the Dokkiri Award camera crew respectfully untied a corpse from the bed.
Then there would’ve been some serious sheet-cleaning while the ghost of a COED staffer taunted, “Who’s laughing now, funny men?” But they wouldn’t hear because we’d be dead. Yeah, that’s a grim thought–but this video is a lot of fun…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37QbIK4qjWs]

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