Student Under Fire for Taking a "Dead Body Selfie" on Instagram at University Lab

A high school student in Alabama took a disturbing selfie photo during a class field trip to the University of Alabama’s biology lab. Mostly disturbing because it included a shot of a cadaver and her stupid smiling face. Then she posted the photo to her Instagram account–and quickly deleted it, but an unidentified student snapped a picture of the picture, and that eventually found its way into the angry gaze of high school officials.
The students were touring the university’s biology lab that included a look at the school’s “anatomical donor program.” The students weren’t supposed to use their cell phones during the tour and cadaver’s faces are supposed to remain covered at all times but when the instructor’s back was turned, the student in question lifted the sheet covering one of the cadavers and took a “selfie” shot with one of the bodies’ exposed faces in the background. She posted the photo to her Instagram account. Eventually, she removed it probably fearing that someone would discover it. So clearly we’re dealing with someone who’s on the high school’s honor roll.
Another student saw the photo and took a picture of the photo with their cell phone. They showed the photo to their older sister who reported it to the high school’s authorities. The student in question is facing a possible suspension but school officials wouldn’t confirm what kind of action they have taken with the student. Her identity is also being shielded from the public due to school policy–which is probably another important lesson she learned about keeping faces covered.

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