Super-Shy Toronto Student Can't Get Out Of Taking Classes With Women

A student at the University of Toronto is shy around the ladies–and he’s lost his bid to be excused from a class that’s  filled to the brim with them. Wongene Daniel Kim tried to get the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal to convince the university to dismiss him from a class filled with female students due to his crippling shyness but the tribunal dismissed his complaint. [Image via Kheel Center, Cornell University/Flickr]
Kim claimed that he couldn’t attend his Women and Gender Studies course as part of his second-year science major requirement because the classroom was completely populated by women. So when he stopped showing up for class, the professor started marking points off of his grade. He claimed he didn’t expect to be the only male in the classroom ,and said the thought of having to spend all his time in a room filled with members of the opposite sex was “overwhelming.”
Unfortunately, 15 percent of his grade comes from attendance. When the professor refused to waive that requirement, Kim flunked the course. He took his case to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal on the grounds that he was being discriminated on the basis of his sex. That pitiful reason alone should have been reason enough to flunk him–since, you know, it’s a Gender Studies course.
Every guy experiences shyness. Yes, even the so-called ladies’ man who has a girl on each arm and more numbers in his little black book than the NSA database. Sometimes it can feel as crippling as Kim describes it but part of becoming a man means getting through such emotional obstacles by carrying your objecting fears with you against its will so you can get on with your life and start living. Besides, have Axe Body Spray commercials taught us nothing about life?

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