The 60 Hottest Front Magazine Photos In Honor Of The Magazine's Shutdown

Today we are sad to announce that Front Magazine, one of our favorite “lad’s mags,” is shutting down its office for good. As a huge fan personally of English glamour models, this news actually hits me pretty hard. Launched to compete against the likes of Loaded, Front Magazine was a purveyor of all things alternative–with a little boob sprinkled in here and there.
OK, maybe a lot of boob. There was sideboob, underboob, naked boob, and pretty much every other kind of boob you can imagine on each and every page. But what else can you expect from the magazine known for launching the careers of famous glamour models like Sabine Jameljanova, Rosie Jones, plus countless other “alt girls?” If you’ve never heard of Front before today, think “Suicide Girls” but, like, smoking hot (sorry, SG).
In closing, Front Magazine might have shut down but that doesn’t mean Front Army is dead. Here are some of our favorite shots from throughout the publication’s history.

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