What's On Tap This Weekend: Starr Hill Brewery's Snow Blind

For any beer lover, local Beer fests are a welcomed opportunity to try new beers and breweries. Two weekends ago I was fortunate to attend Beer Army’s Jolly Skull Beer Fest in Greenville, North Carolina where I drank over 100 different beers and hung with brewery reps from breweries all over the country. Long story short: if you’re a beer lover you should attend as many beer festivals as you can!

When I was at Jolly Skull Beer Fest, Starr Hill Brewery’s Snow Blind Doppelbock was one that I enjoyed the most. That’s why it’s What’ on Tap!

Located in Crozet, VA, by way of Charlottesville, Starr Hill Brewery has been producing great beers since 2005 but their latest brew might be their best. Snow Blind is a doppelbock that is perfectly sweet and crisp. A doppelbock is a German style beer which generally has a higher ABV as well as malty and earthy characteristics. In my experience, doppelbocks are somewhat of hit and miss but Snow Blind is a definite hit.

What stands out to me is how well Snow Blind’s 7.4% ABV is hidden within the beer. To say this beer is smooth would be an understatement! I also love the malty flavor that you get on the front end of each sip. Doppelbocks tend to have a toasted malty quality to them so it is important to pair them with a food that is not going to be lost within the beer’s taste and flavor. I recommend pairing Snow Blind with lamb (or any other type of game meat) sliders. The beer’s malty sweet flavors will accentuate the lamb’s slight gamey quality.

Whether you have or have not tried a doppelbock before make sure you give Snow Blind a try. I think I have found a new favorite winter seasonal!

Beer Stats:

Alcohol by Volume: Approx. 7.4%
IBUs: 13
Color: Ruby Brown / Deep Amber
Hops: Perle
Malt: Pilsner, Munich, and Carafa

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