Zombies and Beavers Collide in the Trailer for "Zombeavers" [VIDEO]

Another undead animal hybrid movie is in the works. This time, it’s those damn dam-building beavers that have been infected with the zombie virus in an upcoming movie called Zombeavers–which has a that looks like your basic horror movie about dumb teenagers getting trapped in a wooded area where some unstoppable evil is trying to kill them.
This time, however, the mayhem is caused by beavers that have garnered a taste for human flesh. They also seem to have gained the intelligence to handily outwit the likes of horny, skinny-dipping teenagers. Just picture The Cabin in the Woods,  but with beavers and a hell of a lot more beaver innuendo.
Zombeavers also seems to follow the basic rules of zombie combat meaning if you are bitten by a creature and you survive, you eventually turn into one of them. That means we’re bound to get some human-beaver-zombie hybrids much like the human-sheep hybrids in the eerily similar New Zealand horror comedy Black Sheep about (you guessed it) sheep infected with a zombie virus.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7onFrBK_hKE&w=600&h=338]
In fact, there have been an awful lot of recent horror comedies trying to recapture the magic of Shaun of the Dead. Some of them have been pretty underwhelming–but we like the idea of some kind of lighter fare to balance that new season of The Walking Dead that’s almost upon us. That’s the great thing about plain old-fashioned zombies. You don’t need to reinvent them to make them interesting. No matter how many of them you kill, they just keep coming back for more. And it’s more fun every time.

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