Jenny Jones Of GB Invents Slopestyle Bronze At 2014 Olympics [PHOTOS]

Jenny Jones only won a bronze medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi–which is the kind of thing we enjoy saying with great authority from our couches, since we didn’t even win enough of our mother’s love to have a pair of bronzed baby shoes. That still hurts. Anyway, Jenny Jones is now a big national hero in Great Britain as the first athlete from her homeland to win an Olympic medal in a snow event. That’s courtesy of that third-place ranking in the inaugural snowboarding slopestyle competition.
Jenny Jones is also one of the cutest gals to be rocking the Sochi Olympics, and we’d say that even if she didn’t have a British accent.¬†Of course, the Yankees of COED were mainly cheering for Jamie Anderson. That stunning California gal didn’t just win first place. Jamie became the first woman to ever win a gold medal in the slopestyle competition. On account of there never being one before.
We really like Jenny’s style, though. She’s still winning medals at the ripe old age of 33, and Jenny has had plenty of good reasons to retire. Her career has included plenty of injuries. Jenny’s too rock ‘n roll to stop, though, and it’s really inspiring to see her become a national hero at this point in her career. These pics make a good case for her becoming a quirky sex symbol, too. Enjoy this look at the one Sochi Olympics medal winner that we’d most like to be celebrating with today…

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