Speed Dating Event Cancelled Because of "Bag a Slag" Name

A pub in England didn’t get a lot of love from the community after a poster for an “alternative speed dating” event promised guys that would have a chance to “bag a slag.”¬†Which, frankly, seems a little unfair to us, given the fine punk-rock attitude of the gal who came up with the idea.
The Old Angel Inn in Nottingham wanted to do something a little different to celebrate Valentines’ Day. So they came up with a speed dating promotion for its lonelier local drinkers with a darker edge. A hip young¬†barmaid named Lydia Hunt drafted up a poster with an attractive woman on the cover with an exposed skull as a skeleton hand offers a toast to her. They also came up with a more honest way to advertise their speed dating event dubbing it “Bag a slag, grab a hag” in the subtitle.
Several locals didn’t like the advertisement and launched a complaint campaign urging the town council to take action. The council’s licensing manager described the poster as an “inappropriate promotion” and that it “could bring the city into disrepute.” When she threatened to pull the bar’s liquor license, the pub pulled the poster and eventually the entire event. We’d suggest that the licensing manager sounds a little uptight and just needs to find someone to love–but she probably eliminated her last good chance to find someone in town who can help her.
We’re not going to go down the “we live in a politically correct world gone mad” route. In fact, the tagline is pretty tame, even by so-called PC standards. It’s not like they went with something like “Rut with a slut,” “Spank a skank,” “Get to know a ho” or “Join the whore-gasbord.”
Besides, speed dating sucks. They were just trying to create an event that could help guys and gals meet that doesn’t suck. There’s a movie that should be checked out by the fine folks of Nottingham…
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYBo5eS5pW8&w=600&h=338]

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