Elizabeth Banks Turns 40—-Here's Her 40 Sexiest Pics! [PHOTOS]

Elizabeth Banks is turning 40(!) years old today–that being February 10, 2014–as she’s starring in the #1 movie in the nation! Which is really just her doing the lead female voice in The Lego Movie, but that’s okay, even if we’ve always preferred Elizabeth Banks doing more live action. In fact, guys love Elizabeth Banks’ live action so much that’s it’s a real shock to realize the gal has been around for this long. Fortunately, her body of work is aging beautifully.
Not to neglect Elizabeth Banks’ work in The Lego Movie. She does a great job voicing a rebellious Lego named Wyldstyle. Elizabeth makes the character sound really sexy, too. And there’s one scene where Wyldstyle is in the Wild West LegoLand, and the character is wearing this really tight corset, and…well, don’t judge us. There’s nothing wrong with being sexually attracted to a CGI Lego character. It’s like you don’t even really want to know us.
Anyway, Elizabeth was kind of a late bloomer. She was working steadily in her twenties (often under the name of “Elizabeth Maresal Mitchell”), but it took a while for the public to catch on to Elizabeth’s bankable talents. A lot of people became fans with her turn in the cultish comedy Wet Hot American Summer. That one includes a lesbian scene mostly played for laughs, but Elizabeth got to show off her seriously hot (and occasionally wet) bod.
Then she joined the cast of rising stars in 2002’s Spider-Man, although the Sam Raimi trilogy never really did much with her character of Betty Brant. (She was J. Jonah Jameson’s secretary.) Tobey Maguire must’ve liked her, though, because Elizabeth went on to join him in the surprise hit Seabiscuit. Ever since, Elizabeth has been working a mix of mainstream hits, cool indie films, and the occasional great television work on shows like 30 Rock and Scrubs.
That work has included plenty of sexy moments. We’ve pulled plenty of hot frames from Elizabeth’s career, along with some of our favorite sexy poses. You’ll want to follow more of Elizabeth at her famously chatty website, of course–and look her up in a cool indie called The Details, where she gets together with Tobey again for a simulated sex scene too hot to include here. You can still bank on these 40 fabulous photos, though. Yeah. We call it “banking”…

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