Is Maryland About To Ban Everclear And Grain Alcohol?

Students and party animals in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland might be in for a bit of bad luck as it looks like Maryland lawmakers and University Presidents are looking to ban the sale of grain alcohol. Long used in both fraternity and house parties, grain alcohol is an “ideal” ingredient in jungle juice because of its high-alcohol content (190-proof) which means that you need to use less of it.
And while it was always banned in Pennsylvania where I went to school (Gettysburg represent), it’s not uncommon for students to cross state lines to buy it. Of course, this meant that we’d have to scrape the labels off the bottles in case they were found. Punishments were much more severe if we were caught with grain alcohol.
But like I said, Maryland lawmakers and University Presidents are now looking to ban grain alcohol in “Little America” (which is apparently a nickname for Maryland). “It really should not be for human consumption,” says Frostburg State University President Jonathan C. Gibralter.
Where does the ban stand now? Maryland senators voted Wednesday to forbid the sale of 190-proof grain alcohol. The bill now must be passed by the MD House of Representatives. And while this same bill has been shot down by the H of R twice before, sources say that it will likely pass this time.
If you’re in the area, might be time to plan a quick trip to Maryland before the ban happens. Just don’t forget to key off the labels.
At some point in time, we’d like to see a ban of another type of Everclear.

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