Rachel Skarsten on "Lost Girl" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Rachel Skarsten on Lost Girl

(10:00 PM EST, Syfy)

It’s another Monday–which is quickly becoming the favorite day of your See Her Tonight column, since it gives us another chance to ogle the babes of the Syfy fantasy series Lost Girl. You’ve seen us going gaga over Anna Silk as the series’ sexy succubus, plus her main love interest Zoie Palmer, as well as Emmanuelle Vaugier as a recurring sex demon. Not to mention that this new season also brings in regular appearances by Mia Kirshner and Ali Liebert.
And now we get Rachel Skarsten returning to Lost Girl in her role as a vixenish valkyrie named Tamsin–who, like nearly all the Lost Girl ladies, is lusciously lesbianic whenever the plot gives her a chance. And tonight’s episode gives all the ladies plenty of chances to indulge in each other, since the setting is a big reunion for nearly all of the recurring characters.
We won’t spoil things for guys who haven’t already checked out the original Canadian run, but you might want to read up on the series to understand why it’s so important that Anna Silk’s character has recently gone over to the dark side with the Dark Fae. It gets complicated. Our love for Rachel Skarsten is simple, though–going back to when she won over geeks as Dinah Lance on the short-lived Birds of Prey back in 2002.
That’s the same character played by Alex Kingston on Arrow and Alaina Huffman on Smallville. Rachel has worked steadily ever since, but Lost Girl has been her biggest genre role. We keep hoping for more while following Rachel on Twitter–and you’ll want to do the same after checking out these fantastic pics …

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