Samuel L. Jackson Unloads On Idiotic TV Interviewer [VIDEO]

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Sam Rubin at KTLA television can’t tell the difference between Samuel L. Jackson and Laurence Fishburne. That means the COED staff isn’t the most inept people working in media today. Good for us–but bad for Sam Rubin. It’s really hard to believe that a guy could be working for a major Los Angeles affiliate and screw things up this badly. But here it is on video, courtesy of the fine folks at TMZ.
Samuel L. Jackson just wanted to plug his upcoming Robocop remake. Instead, the actor found himself being asked about the Super Bowl commercial where he revisited his character of Morpheus. We’ve talked to Samuel L. Jackson a few times. We can promise you that the guy isn’t really like many of the characters that he’s portrayed in movies. But you’ll see that Jackson gets fully into bad-ass mode once he realizes that Rubin is a perfect parody of a vapid television interviewer.
Yes, you could even say that Samuel L. Jackson gets medieval on Rubin’s ass. In fact, Jackson won’t even let the rattled Rubin move past his stupid mistake–and that makes us happy. More of these dot-brained television types need to get revealed as total idiots who don’t know anything more than what their assistant has looked up at iMDB. So it was a great day for television–and a bad day for Samuel L. Jackson, but bless him for making it a worse day for Sam Rubin.

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