Stripping, Deer Blood, And Death: A #Neknomination Update [VIDEOS]

I finally got a chance to get my own #NekNomination in this weekend so I figured that now would be a good time to update you all with some of the craziest #NekNominations that have been going. Apparently things are still going pretty strong. In some cases, too strong.
First up, we’ve got the lovely and brave Leicester student Rebecca Dagley who decided to strip down to lingerie in an Asda supermarket for her #neknomination. And yes, there’s a video.

Before we get any further, let’s just congratulate Rebecca for stepping up and showing everyone that attractive women like to get just as crazy as the guys. Well done. Bravo.

OK, now back to the crazy. A man thought to be from Newcastle recently posted (then removed) a video which shows him gutting a deer, reaching his hands into said deer, pulling out blood and guts into a pint glass then drinking it while yelling “man the f*ck up.” I wish I had that video to show you, but I don’t. Here’s a screen cap though.

And last but not least, we’ve two British guys who have actually died because of the drinking game, which brings the total number of deaths to four. Things like this were bound to happen when you’ve got people all over the globe trying to outdo each other in a couple of minutes of binge drinking. So please take note that if you choose to follow through with your #NekNomination, don’t die of alcohol poisoning. It’s that simple. Do something fun instead.
For example, here’s a photo of some kid who drank three bottles of “spirits” and was found by his mother. No matter who you are, this is not a good look. Especially when your mom finds you like this. In order to make an example of him, she was the one who uploaded the photo to Facebook. This could have easily been death #5.
But we’ll end today’s #NekNomation update on a good note.
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