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New Orleans Pelicans Mascot Gets Surgery To Be Less Scary

The New Orleans Pelicans’ mascot needs surgery. Yes, Pierre the Pelican suffered a “broken beak” after running into a basket during a (most likely fictional) game with other mascots. Which is good timing, since the team has also been planning to re-design the mascot’s head so it is “less scary.” Which makes sense, because look at that thing.
The fact that New Orleans decided to become the Pelicans has already been a point of contention. The state bird of Louisiana is the pelican, but it isn’t the most attractive idea for a mascot. Now the big question is what the mascot will look like after this new makeover–and recovery from the beak surgery.
New Orleans isn’t having the best of seasons overall with a 22-29 record through play on February 10. The pelican might be accident-prone, but at least the team can be pleased with the play of Anthony Davis. Meanwhile, the story of the broken beak was big enough to warrant an official statement, complete with comment from the curator of birds for the Audubon Zoo. We’ll see if Pierre comes back with a fixed beak and a better looking face, and if kids will then actually want to be around him. It’s still the least of the team’s problems right now.

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