Scumbag Stacy Memes: At Her Worst For Valentine's Day [30 STACYS]

Hey, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and you still haven’t broken up with your girlfriend. That’s going to cost you in ¬†few days. It’s on a Friday, too, so it’s a date night. This isn’t like when Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday and you can beg off and then hit up the “50% Off” deals at the drugstore.
“But,” you say, “what if I can’t get properly motivated to break up with my girlfriend?” Well, we’re here to help–along with everybody’s favorite internet villain. That’s right. We have a grotesque gallery of Scumbag Stacy memes to help you remember that women are inherently evil. Check out these pics that’ll get you scared straight to your cell phone, where you’ll quickly type a breakup text before deciding to get back together with her sometime around February 18th. We’re just looking out for you, bro…

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