Shirley Temple, RIP: Thanks for The Punk Rock Daughter [VIDEO]

The video above is a colorized Shirley Temple–who passed away yesterday at the age of 85, but was once the most famous little kid in the world. That’s courtesy of the movies that she starred in during the Great Depression. In fact, Shirley Temple was also the richest little girl in the world during a time when a lot of the country was dirt poor. She was only six years old when Shirley Temple starred in Bright Eyes. It was a touching tale about a poor orphan girl taken in by a rich eccentric, and that pretty much established the Shirley Temple moviegoing experience.
Shirley went on to star in plenty of the biggest movies of the 1930s, and had hit pop songs like “On The Good Ship Lollipop.” She had a tougher time transitioning into adulthood. Shirley grew up to be a sexy gal, but she had a tough time finding good roles. 1947’s That Hagen Girl was a bizarre story with Ronald Reagan romancing Shirley even though she might actually be his daughter. Yeah. Reagan later said that was one of the movies that got him thinking about getting out of showbiz.
Anyway, Shirley Temple still went on to a very impressive life. Now she’s passed away at the age of 85, and we really want to celebrate the child star’s greatest contribution–that being birthing Lori “Lorax” Black, who is easily the sexiest musician to ever be part of the legendary punk band The Melvins. Lori is a really cool gal, too. We didn’t even know that she was a showbiz scion until she once passingly mentioned to us that her mother almost starred in The Wizard of Oz.
Yeah, Lori was already older than your average punk rocker back in the ’90s. We’ve always had a crush on her, and we hope that she’s doing okay during this difficult time. Here’s some video of Lori during her days with The Melvins, and we think you’ll agree that she’s one of Shirley Temple’s greatest achievements. RIP, Shirley, and thanks for your daughter the punk rocker…

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