Siren Malfunction Lady Should Have Gone Viral By Now [VIDEO]

A Louisiana woman describing the sound of a broken siren has the potential to go viral–but it just has taken off yet. Let’s do what we can to make Louise Lebine the next Susan Boyle, or at least the next Antonie Dobson.
Lebine’s story starts in Lake Charles, Louisiana where a series of loud sirens at a nearby football stadium kept giving some local residents a very rude awakening. According to, the sirens were malfunctioning on more than one occasion and causing other alarms to go off prompting false police response and a lot of angry residents who were looking forward to sleeping in on a Saturday. The local station interviewed Lebine for their story. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get a single quote out of her because she just sprayed a stream of unrecognizable gibberish at the camera. Gibberish that’s too good not to be shared…
She’s been on the Internet for almost 10 days, but Lebine hasn’t achieved full Internet fame just yet. So far, her video has gotten just over 31,000 hits. That’s not nearly enough to make her an official viral hit and damn it, she deserves to become one. She’s got all the qualities that qualify a video for viral status: personality, attitude, weird noises. Her impression of the siren alone should have been dubbed over an American Idol audition clip by now. For God’s sake, where is Auto-Tune the News when you actually need them?

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