"The Office" Licensing Deal Keeps Dunder Mifflin In Business [VIDEO]

The final episode of NBC’s The Office aired last year, but NBC isn’t done trying to sell as much Office paraphernalia as possible. There’s a new merchandising deal that looks like we’ll be seeing Dwight Schrute bobbleheads for years to come. The gift shop website Quill.com is creating an exclusive “Dunder Mifflin” store that sells all kinds of Office stuff.
This means you’ll be able to buy all the junk you can that will remind you of the last good show NBC had on its primetime schedule. The merchandising deal includes a ridiculous number of items for sale. In fact, there’s more merchandise here than you can find for plenty of shows that are actually on the air. The fans can buy Office-themed office supplies like Sharpie markers, yellow legal pads, post-it notes, and even cardboard boxes that can be turned into bean-bag throw games–because our national productivity levels are high enough to take the hit at this point.
Quill.com is even selling Dunder Mifflin copy paper. Yes, that’s the product that the fictional Dunder Mifflin sold and traded on the TV show. We can understand buying mugs and pens and t-shirts to express love for your favorite shows, but that might be taking the concept a little too far. But, of course, The Office was always about taking things too far–including practical jokes…
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6njBHQH2eOM]

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