Abbie Cornish: The "ROBOCOP" Bod That's Built Right [PHOTOS]

The bad news is that RoboCop was one of our Most Anticipated Movies of 2014, and it’s kind of a disappointment as a PG-13 version of…well, RoboCop. The movie is a fairly straight remake of the 1987 original, except with non-lethal electrical shocks instead of bloody bullets, and it’s set in a Detroit that doesn’t look any worse than the urban areas that COED staffers manage to survive every day.
You’ll also miss out on the epic tale of a robotic government tool regaining its humanity. There is one big improvement with the new RoboCop, though, and that’s the flesh-and-blood presence of Abbie Cornish. You’ll miss the presence of charismatic villains, but welcome Abbie as she fills up the big screen with a bod that couldn’t be improved by any kind of technology.
It’s been a good month for Abbie, too. She’s been postered all over New York City to promote her work in the Klondike cable miniseries, where she’s a sexy frontier woman holding her own against greedy Gold Rush guys. The awesome Aussie is also ready to take on the lead role in the upcoming big-screen Solace, which is about an FBI agent who teams up with a mind reader.
We’re not sure which role Abbie is playing, but we wouldn’t want to be around anybody who could read our  mind in the presence of Abbie Cornish. We can’t really recommend the new RoboCop, but we will recommend checking out the 3D version if you really need to give the movie a try. At least then you’ll get Abbie popping out of the screen at you…

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