Another Damn "Full House" Reunion, And We Don't Even Get Bob Saget

Everywhere you look, you’re seeing Full House reunions like the upcoming episode of ABC’s The Neighbors that will feature a reunion between Candace Cameron Bure and Scott Weinger.
Entertainment Weekly announced that the actors who played DJ and Steve on the long running sitcom Full House will reunite on The Neighbors as a human couple who move into the extraterrestrials’ neighborhood. The episode will serve as the show’s second season finale. The reunion sounds like something that was bound to happen. These days, Weinger works as a writer on The Neighbors and Cameron Bure has started making more rounds these days on shows like Make It or Break It.
It’s just an odd bit of timing since we’ve just been bombarded with Full House reunions. Recently, Bob Sagat, Dave Coulier and John Stamos got back together for a reunion during Super Bowl XLVIII for a commercial for Dannon’s Oikos Greek Yogurt. Sagat, Coulier and Stamos also got back together on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon during one of his final episode to help the host make the big jump to The Tonight Show on Monday, Feb. 17th.
Hopefully, this means we’ll get to see even more classic sitcom reunions. Remember when the world learned that Danielle Fishel, the annoying little girl who played Topanga on Boy Meets World, turned out to be a total babe? Just imagine the other honeys we’ve yet to gawk at now that they are all grown up. ABC’s old TGIF block could be the world’s largest untapped reserve of nostalgic babes.

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