Dominique Gisin: Olympic Gold Medalist's Sexiest Shots [24 Photos]

Dominique Gisin made history today when she tied for an Olympic gold medal in the alpine downhill ski race with  Slovenian skier Tina Maze. The stunning Swiss Miss was awarded one of the two first-place positions, thanks to the two competitors matching the time of 1 minute and 41.57 seconds. Dominique’s teammate Lara Gut ended up taking the bronze during this memorable moment.
We’ve seen Dominque Gisin take the spotlight by herself, though, and it’s a beautiful sight. She signed on back in 2011 to represent Lange Ski Boots–which regularly takes a skier and beautifies them for a sexy photo shoot. In fact, Tina Maze has been brought in for the honor, as well–but we’re giving the edge to Dominique here. (And we’ll also give you a chance check out 100 More Sexy Ski Bunnies.)
The actual video is fun to watch, although Dominique is seeming more like a Bond Girl than a Lange Girl. That includes footage of Dominique flying herself around in her part-time pursuit as an airplane pilot. Some of the video’s more memorable moments still fly by too fast. That’s why we’ve gathered our favorite stills, with Dominique looking both beautifully elegant and fabulously awkward. You can tell this is a gal who’d rather be on the slopes than having her lips glossed.
We’re glad that Dominique put up with the inconvenience, though. These are some beautiful pics–and we’ve also added in some action shots of Dominique showing off her fine form at both work and play. We like how Dominique and Tina Maze seem really happy to be sharing an honor, but these pics will have you coming out in front…

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