Duke vs. UNC Rivalry Update: Team Manager Fight Video


There is no bigger rivalry in college basketball than Duke vs. UNC, so it was just a matter of time before their dislike for one another appeared in the annual scrimmage between the two teams’ managers. A lot people don’t know that each year before the two Tobacco Road teams play each other, the managers of each team play a scrimmage against each other. And in the first half of the scrimmage people started throwing ‘bows.

Here’s a recap from the Duke Chronicle:

“The first half of play came to a contentious close when a North Carolina manager grabbed a rebound and Duke freshman Drew Goldstein made a play for the ball. In creating space, the Tar Heel swung his elbows, knocking Goldstein to the floor. Play resumed shortly after the teams converged for a tense moment accompanied by some pushing and shoving, and the Blue Devils closed in to bring the score 20-15 at the half.”

The game ended with Duke winning on a buzzerbeater three-point play, apparently the second year in a row that this happened. The two actual teams will play tonight (9 PM EST | ESPN).

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