Guy Dressed As Cow Interrupts Lingerie Football League Game [VIDEO]

A man in a cow outfit tried to outrun the security guards on the field during a recent Lingerie Football League game in Australia. Yes, that’s him above, and this is the action that he was interrupting….

So you should mainly marvel that this isn’t a story about a guy in a cow suit being beaten to death by an angry mob.
Anyway, two teams of scantily-clad female football players were about to start a new set of downs last Saturday in Perth, Australia. That’s when someone in the stands jumped on to the field dressed as a cow wearing a smart pair of running shoes. The fan took off down the field with some pudgy security guards trying to chase him down. Fortunately, one of the team’s mascots was able to get in his path and tackle him to the ground.
The LFL needs to give that guy a raise immediately. We’re sure that subduing drunks isn’t in the mascot’s job description. This is what happens when you live in a country where weapons aren’t allowed in sports stadiums. If those guys had one of those stun guns, that cow would be one sorry chicken-fried steak.
The moment may have sounded a little odd since most sports streakers actually run out on the field without clothing but considering that the players on the field are the ones who are closer to being actually naked, it makes sense that the fans running out on the field are actually wearing clothes. The universe has a way of balancing these things out sometimes. Feel free to drink in the irony in your own, unique way.

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