Kanye West's "Red October" Sneakers Are Selling for Big Bucks on eBay

If you didn’t get a chance to pick up a pair of Kanye West’s new Nike sneakers in the stores or online, you can still get them on eBay. You’re just going to need a hell of a lot of cash.¬†

The customers originally cleaned out Nike’s stock of Kanye’s new “Red October” Air Yeeyz 2 sneakers¬†in a staggering amount of time. So with no other shoes available for sale, fans who were hoping to wear their Kanye pride on their feet were forced to go to eBay instead where people who picked up the shoes are selling them for a ridiculous profit. The shoes originally cost around $245 a pair but some sellers are offering them for as much as $10,000. Earlier reports announced that someone was trying to sell a pair for the extremely ridiculous price of $16.3 million but it appears that eBay officials canceled the auction and removed the offer from its website. Good for them. Anything over $1 million would be ostentatious.
Still, $10,000 is a lot of money to spend on a slightly used car let alone a pair of sneakers that you’ll never be able to wear without damaging the resale value. Sure they’re snazzy but are they $10,000 snazzy? Was each pair worn and tested by Kanye? Did he officially bless them with his personal presence? That’s a lot of dough to plunk down for something that at its most basic level is designed to keep the world from finding out how much your feet stink.

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