Kate Hansen Warm-Up Dances Again With Bunch Of White Women [VIDEO]

US Women’s luger Kate Hansen has taken the web by storm–not because of her 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics performance on the luge track–but because of her fantastic warm-up routine/dancing. So it stands to reason that of course NBC brought Kate on set to show the good people of America what that dance looks like. Unfortunately for everyone though, Jenna Bush and Natalie Morales hopped on screen and started dancing like the white people that they are. I’m not saying that it was bad but… Ok yes I am. Sorry Kate. We still love you though.

Is this enough to putĀ Michelle Jenneke back in “warm-up dancing” gold medal standing? I’m afraid so. Unless Kate makes some more television appearances we won’t be seeing any more of her because she didn’t medal.

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