Kent State Wrestler Suspended for Anti-Gay Tweet

There are times athletes say things that they will regret. It happened again when Kent State wrestler Sam Wheeler tweeted out anti-gay remarks about Michael Sam, the football player who just announced he was gay from Missouri. Wheeler obviously has been suspended indefinitely and probably should be kicked off the team for what he tweeted. It shows once again that social media isn’t a good thing all the time. (That would be Sam in the blue outfit above, by the way.)
It’s a lesson for all athletes out there to make sure that whatever is being said on social media is something that can be taken back in the future. In Wheeler’s case, his tweets are something that can’t be deleted forever even if his Twitter account has been deleted now.
There are lessons to be learned here. It is a world where athletes are going to be coming out more and more if Sam is successful in his professional career. It means that other college and pro athletes will need to accept the realities of the 21st century.

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