Liberal Arts Students "Scared Straight" By Desperate Grads [VIDEO]

BuzzFeed has gone to the Scared Straight playbook in a noble effort to get liberal arts majors to switch their degrees while they still have time. Watch the drama as the innocent college students are herded into a small room with little knowledge of the hard truths that are about to be inflicted upon their gullible group. There’s some reality-show level drama as a band of liberal arts graduates (or maybe actors, which still technically makes them liberal arts people) get all up in their faces about their doomed career paths.
The poor grads scream about the $200,000 in student loans they’ll have to pay back for their graduate degree in humanities. They berate their younger versions because they don’t have a Costco card in their wallets. They bemoan the fact that their degrees can’t even get a job at Pottery Barn–even though they have a master’s degree in Pottery.
And how do the students react? Mostly, they just laughed because no one with a degree in Aztec Dance Technique can intimidate anyone…
Of course, it’s not as funny in the real world. These students might be chasing their dreams, but it’s one hell of a long shot. Forbes Magazine ranked the Liberal Arts as the fifth worst college major behind philosophy, fine arts, film and photographic arts and anthropology and archaeology. Meanwhile, a new report from the Association of American College and Universities describes their career paths as a marathon rather than a sprint. They eventually end up with decent paying jobs in fields that other students start right out of school. You know, like education and finance.
That actually sounds less attractive when these bitter Liberal Arts grads bring it up in the video. Wow. Now this video seems super scary and realistic. Here’s hoping those kids were paying attention before going back out to get their degree in Renaissance Tapestries.

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