Soundgarden Singer Received Death Tweets from Seattle Woman

Seattle police charged a woman for sending a series of threatening Tweets to Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, something that has been going on for almost 10 years. [Image via dr_zoidberg/Flickr]
Elizabeth Walden faces criminal charges for sending Cornell a stream of death threats against him and his family over Twitter. Police allege that she sent over 100 threatening messages from nine different Twitter accounts to the lead singer and guitarist over an undetermined period of time. The messages not only threatened Cornell but also his wife and children. Police were able to track the Twitter accounts back to Walden and arrested her. Prosecutors plan to seek a criminal conviction against Walden on charges of cyber-stalking.
This isn’t the first time that Cornell has had to deal with such serious sounding threats. A separate report claims the threats go back to 2004 just after his wife Vicky gave birth to their second daughter. Back then, the threats were made through the mail and by email and also threatened harm against his wife and children. It is not yet known if Walden is also responsible for these threats as well.
Fortunately, that hasn’t interrupted Cornell and company’s tour schedule. The band reunited last year and are currently on a new tour with shows scheduled in South America and Europe later this year. Police haven’t told us what Walden’s motives were or what she hoped to accomplish by threatening the Soundgarden frontman but this kind of thing has happened so often with so many other celebrities that they really don’t have to tell us: She’s nuttier than a Payday bar.

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